Monday, 28 July 2014

12th and 13th July 2014-Visit of Birmingham YP band and singing company

There was a buzz in the air as the young people from Birmingham began to arrive at the hall in Horsham.
Once the children had brought their belongings in, they tucked into a light tea.
At 6p.m the corps at Horsham were treated to a feast of music. There were band pieces,singing company songs, timbrels, a cellist soloist, a cornet duet to name a few items.
The singing company entertained us when we had a rendition of 'If I only had a brain' from wizard of Oz.,complete with a Dorothy,Tin man,Scarecrow and Lion.
Following an interval we had a great arrangement of 'Happy' just couldn't help but join in with them clapping!
Particularly special moments were the bands playing of 'More than a song' and the singing company's singing of 'All that I am'.As they sang stronger and stronger...Take every passion,every skill,take all my dreams and bend them to your knew that these children meant every word they were singing.
The evening finished with the singing company standing around the hall accompanied by the band, singing 'In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path' -  a song staying in our thoughts for a while to come.
Once all the congregation had left and the children had run off some steam outside, it was time for supper .....all meals organised by Ann Potter
After being led by their leaders in prayers and having a bedtime hot chocolate,it was time to try and get some sleep, with all children and leaders sleeping in the army hall.

The next morning a cooked breakfast was served before preparations for morning worship were made.

Morning worship was led by the singing company and yp band and focussed on the characters of the Wizard of Oz. Members of the band and singing company gave their testimonies on these characters and what they needed.
Once again the beautiful singing of All that I am was a poignant moment in a beautiful service.
Following the meeting a roast dinner was enjoyed by the visiting young people ,followed by the always popular ice cream factory!
It was then time for the young people to jump into their mini buses and to make their way into the town centre.
There was a lot of interest as the young people played and sang. One man came to ask if any of the players would like to join a band he was starting up and was quite disheartened when he learnt that they were all from Birmingham!
The Horsham children were very enthusiastic in handing out balloons and bags containing kids alive magazines.
Once back at the army hall the children packed their belongings back onto the minibuses, took their packed teas and got ready to travel back home.

A great weekend of fellowship,laughter and fun,but most importantly an weekend where God was at the centre of all that took place.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Saturday and Sunday 18th/19th January 2014 - visit of The International Staff Songsters

Around 2.00 p.m on Saturday members of the International Staff Songsters began arriving at The Capitol Theatre. After setting up we were thankful for dry weather as we walked to Swan Walk.
The International Staff songsters then sang in the shopping centre, and attracted a lot of interest - the sound resonated around the shopping centre and out into the street.
One person asked if it was a flash mob and if Gareth Malone had organised it!
After a rehearsal at the theatre, the songsters made their way back to the army hall where they shared a meal together,prepared by Sheila Jannels and her team.
The evening festival was held in the Capitol Theatre and it was good to see so many people there. It was an amazing evening,full of many special moments.The singing of ' The Power' and 'The magic flute' overture showed their versitality, whilst 'The Christ of Calvary' brought a pure sound echoing round the theatre.
Solos from Margeret Launn,Rob Moye,Susan Turner and Richard McIntosh enhanced the evening.
'More than wonderful' has become a tradition for the ISS to sing, inviting former members of the group to join in singing with them.Cath Maughan, Kaytie Harding,Mel Gunn and Rachel Horwood accepted the invite to join them.
The songsters finished the festival standing round the theatre singing John Rutters 'The Lord Bless you and keep you'.
With billets safely matched with their hosts,everyone headed back for a nights sleep.

Sunday morning began with a prayer meeting led by Ross Mercer for the ISS and corps folk,which set us up for a good day.
Sunday worship began with the ISS singing the beautiful 'Your grace still amazes me' And we were led to remember the words in Isaiah ' Those who wait upon the lord will renew their strength'
Horsham children contributed to the meeting with Doug Horley's song 'Nothings too big'.
Towards the end of the morning meeting the songsters sang 'With wings as eagles,in which the words say - We will rejoice in the lord,we will rejoice in the god of our salvation. Those who wait upon the lord will renew their strength'
A time of fellowship followed over tea coffee cake and biscuits!
The songsters were then fed well again,this time with lunch prepared by June Belcher and her team.
Already we had come to the final meeting of the weekend. This was again a time full of beautiful God inspired music, from the lively Count Your Blessings arr.Richard Phillips - Staff Songster pianist where Richard and Melanie Ellis provided the accompaniment, to the beautiful ladies voices 'You are always there'.
'Come to the cross' was a real spine tingling moment at the end of a beautiful weekend.
Soloists this afternoon were Rachel Gray singing Handels 'Lascia Ch'io Pianga' and Ross Mercer in the song 'Another Tree'.
The home sections contributed with the band playing 'The flag still flies' and the singing group ' Sing a song of Christmas' (an idea to sing a lively song - and one we had practiced ALOT prior to Christmas!).
The singing group joined with the ISS to sing 'To God be the glory'  - a highlight for all the group I'm sure.
The ISS brought the weekend to a close with 'Praise his holy name'.
It was then time for the members to collect their belongings and travel to their homes around the country.
I'm sure that this will be a weekend that the members of Horsham Corps will remember for a very long time.
A weekend where we were left in no doubt that God was at the centre of their singing and the reason for all they do. Our prayer is that they will continue to bless people through their singing and bring people closer to God through this very special ministry.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Saturday 14th December

Christmas festival 2013

Sadly tonight we missed having Leechpool school choir with us, but it didn't stop it being a great night. With lots of opportunity to sing carols, the band played 2 pieces which included 'The manger scene' and the singing group sang 3 songs - 'Sing a song of Christmas', 'Joy to the world' and 'A star was shining'.
Our guest soloist Kaytie Harding really made our evening complete with her contributions - 'A winter's tale', 'Unto us a child is born' 'A grown up's wish list' and Santa Claus is coming to town'. Her singing of 'Breath of heaven' was beautiful and thought provoking too as Kaytie led us to think about the 15 year old Mary through this beautiful song.
A perfect Christmas evening.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sunday 11th August 2013

This mornings meeting was led by Iain and based around the bible reading of 1 Kings 19.
Songs used today were ; 'Praise to the holiest','Be still and know that I am God', 'Blessed be your name', 'Great great brill brill', 'Be still for the presence', 'Dear Lord and Father of mankind' and 'O Jesus I have promised'.
As always the support from the band and singing group was gratefully received and aided the worship.

Sunday 4th August

This mornings meeting was based around Elijah.
Songs used were 'O lord my God', ' The splendour of the king', 'Nothings too big', ' I want to tell', 'He is the Lord', 'You shall go out with you'. With contributions from the band, and the singing group who sang 'Just as I am'.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013

This morning's meeting was led by Trevor and ably assisted by Nkosi, whilst our officers are away as staff at our divisional summer school.
The theme of the meeting was 'smile' and we were encouraged to smile during the whole meeting. We had jokes shared, had to name Mr men and read religious jokes on the power point.
Songs sung this morning were 'If I were a butterfly', 'There is sunshine in my soul today','I will enter his gates' and 'Teach me to dance'. We also shared in 2 'old' choruses - 'If but a smile comes back to you' and 'With Christ in the vessel' These were aided by about 6 'former' singing company members  - Vic Jannels, Trevor and June Belcher to name a few!
The band played 'Hand me down my silver trumpet' and the singing group sang a new song ' Let a little sunshine in your heart'  - and they all smiled while singing!
We then celebrated with Vic and Sheila Jannels on this their 40th wedding anniversary, with some coffee and cake.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

This morning we had our community carol service which this year saw the children take centre stage.
They led us through the nativity beautifully, and it was lovely to have a number of children and parents join with us from Chattabox - our parent and toddler group.
We had our 3 wise men - Roger Moore, Vic Jannels and Adam Hall reading the bible readings, and the children sang 'Midnight' and 'Child in a manger born' - this featuring a beautiful solo from Alysha.
Shelley Gallagher sang 'Gabriels message' and carols sung were O little town of Bethlehem, Silent Night, While Shepherds Watched,We three kings, Away in a manger and O come all ye faithful.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday 19th August

A blessed meeting this morning led by our commanding officers. Major Ann spoke of the refreshing water of God using the woman at the well's story, I don't think it'll take too long for the platform to dry out in this glorious weather! Many people came to the mercy seat to drink literally and symbolically in response at the end. Afterwards came TEA FOR £TWO. We all ate and drank our fill of tea and scones - weren't they delicious???! Kate was able to raise just over £100. Less expenses incurred and plus money from the family car boot sale Kate is able to gift £75 to Horsham Salvation Army and £75 to the William Booth College Cadet's fund. Thank you so much everyone who helped make this possible. We are so blessed and we hope you enjoyed the scones!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tea for £Two!

Next week as part of her training Kate will be serving cream tea after the meeting.  Scones with cream and jam will be served at a charge of £2.00.  The money raised will go together with the proceeds of her 'family junk sale' which has already raised £60.00.  Her challenge is to raise at least £100.00 which will be split between Horsham Salvation Army Corps and the William Booth Training College Cadets' Fund, for people struggling financially during officership training.  Don't forget to bring £2.00 next week the scones are promised to be delicious as Sarah O'Grady will be baking them for the occasion. (Sarah is Candidate Kate's sister and a renowned home cook!)

... and rest!

Candidate Kate led our meeting today, in place of our leaders who are on holiday this week, focusing on resting and refreshing in order to grow spiritually.  She shared how God rested on the seventh day and Jesus commanded the disciples to rest and that we should also follow their example.  Therefore the challenge to us is to either give up something or take up something in order to grow more.  40 people came to the mercy seat to commit to change, many people lingering to pray afterwards.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Times have Changed!

Horsham Salvation Army Corps is now under the command of Majors Iain and Ann Stewart with Holly and Hannah in support.  It has been our pleasure to greet them (although Holly is still working in Scotland before the term starts for her in Horsham in September and Hannah came to visit on the 22nd) and welcome them as members of our church.  On Sunday 29th the majors were installed by Major Bruce Tulloch.  The meeting was followed by a welcome feast which was enjoyed by all.

Reflections welcomed us to worship today using 'There's a Dance' and 'Shackles'. Today marked the first 'regular' Sunday for the Stewart family and includes tonight their first 'Together' meeting which we look forward to very much.  Major Ann, despite her claim to being nervous, spoke clearly and eloquently about faith and faith heroes based on Hebrews 11. Songs included 'What a Faithful God' and 'Faithful God, Faithful God, All sufficient One'.  Many stood in response before being sent to 'Go in the Strength of the Lord'.  Before going though everyone joined to share fellowship tea and coffee and biscuits, of course!

All Change!!

Candidate Kate led the meetings on Sunday 22nd July speaking on change and how we can embrace it together challenging us all to think about how we approach change.  The biggest change being the one we go through when we welcome Jesus into our lives.  Songs included Are You Washed?, Majesty, Amazing Grace, I am a new Creation and It's no longer I that liveth.  Kate was blessed by very kind words from CSM Trevor before the benediction was said.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Last Days

Well our beloved leaders Ian and Sue with their amazing children Grace, Adam and Hope have left us.  They will very soon be leaving the quarters but before that we know that they have a LOT to do to prepare for their move to London.  We are assured, though, that God will be with them in this and pray for as stressless a time as can be.
For those left behind in Horsham there are no doubt mixed emotions.  Sadness. Loss. Disappointment.  But also we are blessed with new leaders soon to arrive!  Expectation. Excitement.  Anticipation.  Iain and Ann (please note the addition on an i) are a true blessing to us and they bring with them Holly and Hannah.  We were at one point expecting a long period of time leaderless, but God by his grace granted us this wonderful family who we can't wait to meet and welcome to their new church family in Horsham.
Meanwhile, this weekend Adam and Pat Hall will lead us in worship and next weekend I will have the honour of leading the meeting, it will likely be for the last time.  We look forward to everything that God has in store for us in these days!!
Should anyone need ANYTHING during our time without corps officers please get in touch with a member of the leadership team.  We are here to serve and all our contact details are in the newly published corps directory.
I leave you with love and God's blessings in these exciting times.
Candidate Katherine-Ann Gregory (Otherwise known as Kate!!) xxxxxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

If you look back at the first blog you will see a picture of Captains Woodgate being welcomed as our new leaders, and a picture of the family as it was then. The picture above is very different - and whilst we are sorry some people are missing from it, it does reflect a very different family (please note some visitors were also with us, but very few). Today as we conclude this time in our history, we look back with thanksgiving for three years of God's Grace and Blessing. We look forward to all that lays ahead as Majors Ann and Iain Stewart come to join us very soon now.

Your prayers and support are valued well into the future.

An updated version of HOUSE OF PRAYER has now been issued, please ensure you give sometime daily to praying through all the names and situations that are listed. Thank you sincerely.

Sunday 8th July

Sunday 8th July and we celebrated so many things. We started our meeting by commissioning to roles and responsibilities, Karen Everest (childrens and family ministries officer) and Sandra Thomas (community ministries officer). Both have held these roles for sometime and we were thrilled to formally present them with their commissions. We were then pleased to present prizes to those who could not be with us last Sunday for the Kids and Youth Celebration Sunday. This all in addition to our usual family news. Our Captains took us through their final Sunday in which we explored our mission statement and helped us to again understand what it is that God has called us too. Songs used today included:- The Anniversary Song; Come to the Saviour; Would you be free from your burden of sin?; Over all the earth; Praise Him You heavens; Praise is rising; In Christ alone. During the meeting the singing group and band contributed very helpful items as always. At the end of the meeting in response to an invitation for people to pray the front of our hall was full as many people made their way to pray together and to give themselves fully to God. At the end of the meeting, Captain Susan handed back the 'membership rolls' book to the corps sergeant major, and Trevor presented to the captains and their children some gifts and kind words. After a cup of tea..... people made their way home. 

Margaret Sloper

We are thrilled to announce that this past week Margaret Sloper signed her soldiers covenant and became a soldier of Jesus Christ in The Salvation Army. We are thrilled to share this with you.

Celebration of Donald Jones

The Worth Crem was packed for the committal service of Donald Jones this past Thursday; and the worship hall at the corps was no different. Major Robin McIntosh, a former corps officer for the Jones Family at Penge led both services, supported by our own corps officers, Captains Ian and Susan Woodgate. There was a lovely family feel as people from all walks of life came together to thank God for this wonderful man of God. We remain grateful to God for his witness, his evangelism gifting and so much more. Donald was a bandman, songster, War Cry Herald, led the brass learners group, helped in a local school, and was the Recruiting Sergeant within our church leadership team. Well done good and faithful Servant.


It's been a week of parties as many of our activities have concluded in time for the Summer Break. Chatt-a-Box enjoyed a party on the Thursday and Friday - games, loads of fun and food were central to it all.... it was very special to have this event together. Kids Alive enjoyed an end of term party as well with loads of dancing and food. In Fact on Friday every generation was served through our centre, as the Friendship Club enjoyed a visit and talk from Southdown Housing, and how they are seeking to help others within this town. Thank you to everyone for making this a very special year together. We look forward to seeing you all in September

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Everyone is invited to join us this THURSDAY as we bid an earthly farewell to our Recruiting Sergeant Donald Jones. The committal will take place at the Crem in Crawley at 3pm, with a Festival of Thanksgiving at our centre n Horsham at 4.30pm. This will be conducted by Major Robin McIntosh.